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Common problems and solutions of dry film on PCB circuit boards

August 30, 2022


  With the continuous development of the electronics industry and the continuous upgrading of products, in order to save the space of circuit boards, many circuit boards are designed with very small lines, and the previous wet film can no longer meet the current pattern transfer process. , Now generally small lines are produced with dry film, so what problems do we have in the filming process?
Summary of common problems and solutions for PCB dry film stickers
01Bubble appears between the dry film and the copper foil surface
Bad problem: Choosing a flat copper foil is the key to ensuring no bubbles.
Solution: increase the film pressure of the PCB circuit board, and handle the board with care.
Bad problem: The surface of the hot-pressed series is uneven, and there are pits and film smudges.
Solution: Regularly check and protect the flatness of the hot-pressed surface.
Bad problem: The temperature of the film on the PCB circuit board is too high, causing some contact materials to wrinkle due to the temperature difference. Solution: Reduce the film temperature of the PCB circuit board.

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02Dry film wrinkling
Bad problem: The dry film is too sticky, put the board carefully during the operation.
Solution: - Once the contact occurs, it should be dealt with in time.
Bad problem: The board is overheated before the film is applied to the PCB circuit board.
Solution: The preheating temperature of the circuit board should not be too high.

03 The dry film is not firmly attached to the copper foil
Bad problem: There is no reasonable cleaning on the surface of copper foil, and direct operation will leave oil stains or oxide layers.
Solution: Wash the plate with gloves.
Bad problem: dry film solvent quality is not up to standard or has expired.
Solution: circuit board manufacturers should choose high-quality dry film and regularly check the shelf life of dry film.
Bad problem: fast transmission speed, low temperature of PCB film.
Solution: Change the film speed of the PCB circuit board and the film temperature of the PCB circuit board.
Bad problem: The humidity of the processing environment is too high, resulting in prolonged dry film bonding time.
Solution: Keep the relative humidity of the production environment at 50%.

04 more glue
Bad problem: poor dry film quality.
Solution: Replace the dry film.
Bad problem: exposure time is too long.

Solution: Have an understanding of the material used for a reasonable exposure time.
Bad problem: The developer fails.
Solution: Change the developer.