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Understand the purpose of PCB proofing in advance

September 7, 2022

   I believe that customers who have processed and produced PCB circuit boards know that when producing PCB circuit boards in batches, PCB proofing is required before mass production. Circuit board proofing is not only to understand the quality response of products in advance, but also to reduce formal production. Therefore, it is an indispensable link to carry out PCB proofing with guaranteed quality in advance. Of course, before proofing, both parties need to communicate in-depth details and specific parameters in order to facilitate the successful proofing and lay the foundation for subsequent production. Let's take a look at the purpose of proofing with the editor of Zhichuang Circuit Board Factory:

1. Judging the strength level of the production of circuit board manufacturers
   Effective PCB proofing before production can also clearly understand the strength of circuit board manufacturers, especially those manufacturers that the two parties have not cooperated with before, can confirm the strength level and ability of circuit board manufacturers in production through proofing. Only circuit board manufacturers that technically meet the standard requirements can better meet the requirements of enterprises for long-term cooperation and high-quality processing and production of PCB boards.

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2. It can reduce the defect rate of PCB circuit board in the production of bulk products
Usually, the amount of PCB board processing and production is large. In order to ensure that mass production goes smoothly without quality problems and to reduce the defect rate, it is very necessary to carry out circuit board proofing processing before production. After all, the processing of PCB boards needs to go through complicated processing procedures, and there can be no errors in each procedure or processing link. After successful proofing, professional technicians will conduct effective tests on the samples, and after passing various professional tests, it is determined that there is no problem. Only for mass production.

3. It can lay the foundation for future batch processing
PCB proofing is also in order to understand the performance and functional response of new products in advance. Through proofing, it can effectively lay a good foundation for future mass production, and calculating the corresponding material costs can also optimize the deficiencies in advance, which all need to be proofed in advance. Effective processing of links can reduce the occurrence of various unexpected problems during mass production.
It can be seen that it is very necessary to make PCB proofing before the official production, and it is also the first step for successful cooperation with processing enterprises. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a circuit board manufacturer with a reasonable price for proofing, and provide the manufacturer with the material size or size requirements for board processing. , After the communication and negotiation between the two parties, the formal PCB proofing is carried out, which is also to lay a good foundation for the better cooperation between the two parties in the later stage.