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What are the names of circuit boards in various countries?(1)

September 15, 2022


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  China Singapore Japan
circuit board 电路板,线路板 电路板,线路板,papan litar 回路基板,电路板
printed circuit board 印刷电路板 印刷电路板,Papan litar bercetak プリント回路基板
circuit board manufacturing 电路板制造 电路板制造,pembuatan papan litar 回路基板製造
circuit board assembly 电路板组装 电路板组装,pemasangan papan litar 回路基板アセンブリ
circuit board factory 电路板工厂 电路板工厂,kilang papan litar 回路基板工場
Circuit Board Assembly Services 电路板组装服务 电路板组装服务,Perkhidmatan Pemasangan Papan Litar 回路基板組立サービス
circuit board manufacturer 电路板制造商 电路板制造商,pengeluar papan litar 回路基板メーカー
PCB Design 印刷电路板设计 印刷电路板设计,Reka bentuk PCB PCB設計
Flexible circuit board 柔性电路板 柔性电路板,Papan litar fleksibel フレキシブル基板
Aluminum plate 铝基板 铝基板,Plat aluminium アルミ板


  South Korea Indonesia
PCB pcb 기판 PCB
circuit board 회로 기판 papan sirkuit
printed circuit board 인쇄 회로 기판 papan sirkuit tercetak,papan sirkuit dicithak
circuit board manufacturing 회로 기판 제조,pcb 제작 pembuatan papan sirkuit,produksi papan sirkuit
circuit board assembly 회로 기판 어셈블리 perakitan papan sirkuit
circuit board factory 회로 기판 공장 pabrik papan sirkuit
Circuit Board Assembly Services 회로 기판 조립 서비스 Layanan Perakitan Papan Sirkuit,Layanan Majelis Papan Sirkuit
circuit board manufacturer 회로 기판 제조업체 produsen papan sirkuit
PCB Design PCB 설계 Desain PCB
Flexible circuit board 유연한 회로 기판 Papan sirkuit fleksibel
Aluminum plate 알루미늄 판 Plat aluminium


  Malaysia the Philippines Vietnam
circuit board papan litar circuit board bảng mạch
printed circuit board Papan litar bercetak naka-print na circuit board bảng mạch in
circuit board manufacturing pembuatan papan litar paggawa ng circuit board sản xuất bảng mạch
circuit board assembly pemasangan papan litar pagpupulong ng circuit board lắp ráp bảng mạch
circuit board factory kilang papan litar pabrika ng circuit board nhà máy sản xuất bảng mạch
Circuit Board Assembly Services Perkhidmatan Pemasangan Papan Litar Mga Serbisyo ng Circuit Board Assembly Dịch vụ lắp ráp bảng mạch
circuit board manufacturer pengeluar papan litar tagagawa ng circuit board nhà sản xuất bảng mạch
PCB Design Reka bentuk PCB Disenyo ng PCB Thiết kế PCB
Flexible circuit board Papan litar fleksibel Flexible na circuit board Bảng mạch linh hoạt
Aluminum plate Plat aluminium Plato ng aluminyo Tấm nhôm


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