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Advantages of a PCB Board:
Printed circuit boards, or PCBs, have become an integral part of electronic equipments. A typical PCB contains a large number of active and passive components connected together through traces on the board. With the availability of very small-size electronic components, it is possible to develop large circuits on small PCBs.

Low Electronic Noise
When properly laid out, a circuit board minimizes electronics noise that could significantly degrade performance. The electrical components on a PCB are organized in such as way that the path lengths of the electrical current between them are minimized, leading to low radiation and pickup of electromagnetic waves. This ensures lower cross-talk between components and between different traces, which is a major concern in electronic circuits.

Ease in Diagnostics and Repair
PCBs are helpful in performing diagnostics for a number of reasons. The components and their polarities on a well-designed PCB are clearly labeled on the board, which is convenient for installation as well as repair. For diagnostics, one often needs to trace signal paths, which would be very difficult to perform if the traces were not exposed and well organized.


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