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Aluminum LED Bulb Flexible PCB Board 0.4mm-4.0mm

Aluminum LED Bulb Flexible PCB Board 0.4mm-4.0mm

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    LED Bulb Flexible PCB Board


    Aluminum Flexible PCB Board


    4.0mm flex pcb assembly

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    Flexible PCB
  • Solder Mask
  • Silk Screen
  • Surface Technics
  • Max Panel Size
  • Layer Count
  • Base Material
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    Flexible PCB
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    PCB: Vacuum Packing / PCBA: ESD Packing
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    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
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Aluminum LED Bulb Flexible PCB Board 0.4mm-4.0mm

Flexible PCB Chinese Suppliers Power Amplifier Hasl Adult Flash Game Flexible Led Bulb Pcb

PCB board Capability

ItemsNormal standardUltimate
MaterialFR-4;High TG FR-4;CEM-3;CEM-4Al-base
Layer NO.1-2040
Board Size50mm*50mm-560mm*640mm35mm*50mm
Board Thickness0.4mm-4.0mm0.3mm-6.0mm
Thickness Tolerance±10%±7%
Min Hole Size0.2mm0.15mm
Copper Thickness18um-105um18um-420um
Copper Plating hole18um-30um18um-40um
Min Trace Width0.1mm0.75mm
Min Space Width0.1mm0.75mm
SMD Pitch0.4mm0.4mm
BGA Pitch0.6mm0.6mm
Min Annular Ring0.07mm0.05mm
Register Tolerance0.05mm0.025mm
Solder Mask Colorgreen;blue;black;redwhite; yellow
Peelable Mask0.3mm0.5mm
HASL Thickness2.5um 
lead Free HASL2.5um 
Immersion GoldNickel:47um Au:0.05umNickel:7um Au:0.2um
OSP Thickness0.2-2.5um 
Outline ToleranceCNC:±0.1mm; V-CUT:±0.1mm; Punching:±0.15mm 
Impedance Control±10%±7%
WarpageLess than 1%Less than 0.7%
Aluminum LED Bulb Flexible PCB Board 0.4mm-4.0mm 0

2-Layer Flex PCB

Materials: Panasonic Thickness: 0.15mm Surface: ENIG
Aluminum LED Bulb Flexible PCB Board 0.4mm-4.0mm 1

4-Layer Flex PCB(2+2)

Materials: Dupont
Thickness: 0.3mm
Surface: ENIG
Aluminum LED Bulb Flexible PCB Board 0.4mm-4.0mm 2

2-Layer Flex PCB

Thickness: 0.15mm Materials: Shengyi Surface: ENIG Special: Coverlay+Soldermask
Aluminum LED Bulb Flexible PCB Board 0.4mm-4.0mm 3

2-Layer Flex PCB+ESA-8853 Adhesive Type

Thickness: 0.16mm Material: Panasonic Surface: ENIG Special: The back needs to be pasted with ESA-8853 Adhesive Type

PCB Types:
Single layer PCBs, double layer PCBs, multilayer PCBs, high TG FR-4 PCBs, heavy copper PCBs, impedance controlled PCBs, gold finger PCBs, plating gold PCBs, and some other PCBs according to customers' requirements.
Telecommunication, Power Supply, Computer, Industrial Control, Digital Products, Science and Education instruments, Medical Instruments, GPS Technology, Automobile, Satellite Systems, ect.


PCB Assembly Capability

QuantityPrototype&Low Volume PCB Assembly,from 1 Board to 250, is specialty,or up to 1000
Type of AssemblySMT,Thru-hole, DIP
Solder TypeWater Soluble Solder Paste,Leaded and Lead-Free
ComponentsPassive Down to 0201 size
Leadless Chip Carriers/CSP
Double-sided SMT Assembly
Fine Pitch to 0.8mils
BGA Repair and Reball
Part Removal and Replacement
Bare Board SizeSmallest:0.25*0.25 inches
Largest:20*20 inches
File FormateBill of Materials
Gerber files
Pick-N-Place file
Types of ServiceTurn-key,partial turn-key or consignment
Component packagingCut Tape,Tube,Reels,Loose Parts
Turn TimeSame day service to 15 days service
TestingFlying Probe Test,X-ray Inspection AOI Test

Custom Pcb And Pcba Manufacturer Multilayer Pcb Circuit Boards Custom Pcb



1.PCB:Pleasep provide gerber file for detail Quote.
2.PCBA:Please provide gerder file and Bom list.
3.COPY PCB/PCBA:Please provide us the details of PCB.Picture and Sample will be better.



1.We need to confirm PCB requirements and components.
2.PCB quote will be offered within 24 hours.
3.PCBA quote will be offered within 2 working day.

1) We do PCB from double side up to 30-layer Multilayer PCB, HDI jobs.
2) If you have repeat orders from other suppliers, and you want to transfer to Senyan, we can accept FREE OF TOOLING.
3) Except excellent quality and professional service, we also pay every detail for our customers, for example package to use Desiccant packs & moisture indicator in vacuum-sealed pack to protect PCB.
4) Material: We have FR4 TG135/TG158/TG180 normal material in stock, also have FR1/ FR2/ FR3/ CEM1/ CEM3/ ROGERS/ ARLON/ ISOLA.
5) Flexible,quickly feedback for customers always.
6) Quickly offer will be less then 4 hours, Some top urgent inquiry we can offer within 1hour.

We provide one-stop PCB/PCBA customization services. To meet all of customer's PCB/PCBA requirement is Senyan circuit service's goal
1. To offer good quality PCB/PCBA to our customer, we will do many kind of testing to ensure quality before shipment
2. Outgoing test to check min PTH Cu thickness, Min surface Cu thickness, ENIG Au data,Ni data, Au layer adhesion testing, soldermask adhesion testing, silkscreen adhesion testing, Thermal stress testing, hardness testing, Twist testing, Bow testing
3.Micro section testing to check hole Cu thickness, Surface Copper thickness, Wrap copper thickness, Hole Wall Integrity, soldermask thickness and stack up.
4. E-test to check any open/short circuit.
5. Thermal Stress Test to avoid any Delamination, Measling and others.
6. Solderability of PTH to avoid any discolor, Wrinkles, Blisters, Measling, Blow-Hole, Solermask peel off, and soldermask filled in hole-wall incompletely.
Impedance testing, and so on……
Please feel free to contact with us!
1. What's the order process?
1)Inquiry---provide us all clear requirements (total qty and package details).
2)Quotation---officaial quotation from with all clear specifications from our professional team.
3)Marking Sample --- confirm all quotation details and the final sample.
4)Production---mass production.
5)Shipping---by sea or by air.
2. What terms of payment you use?
As for the payment terms,it depends on the total amount.
3. How do you ship the products?
By Sea ,By Air ,By courier, TNT , DHL, Fedex, UPS Etc. It is up to you .
4. What is the average delivery time?
Prototypes usually takes about 5-10days depending on product type.Small&Middle volume usually takes about 20 days.
5. How would I get a price list for a wholesaler ?
Please E-mail us, and tell us about your market with MOQ for each order. We would send the competitive price list to you ASAP.